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Teckie Karoki

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Experience what it’s like to be a coach and begin to understand the power and success of coaching.

If learning to be an exceptional executive coach is a journey, then this exciting 2-day course is your threshold!

Course Summary

Training you can trust.
Our experience and commitment to you.
This 2 day programme will introduce you to the principles and practice of coaching. Not only will you learn how to use an effective four stage model that will allow you to begin coaching right away, you will also discover what kind of coaching is right for you.

Course Objectives

What's special about this course? As the market has matured and coaching has become embedded in everyday language and business life, we noticed the gap has widened between people who have been exposed to coaching (e.g. been coached, worked in a coaching manner or done an NLP course) and those with no prior experience of coaching.

With this programme we want to provide you with the appropriate door into executive coaching…and to do all possible to ensure you are learning alongside similarly experienced coaches.

Discover and learn

Is coaching for me?
The Coaching Skills Certificate will allow you to experience coaching first-hand to help you decide whether you wish to train further in coaching and proceed onto our Practitioner Diploma.

How can I introduce coaching into my organisation?
Understand the unique transformational ability of coaching from the inside out so you can confidently introduce coaching into your organisation.

What kind of coaching is right for me?
Reflect on and discover your personal coaching style and type of coaching you most enjoy. (e.g. life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, performance coaching, transformational coaching)

The coaching context: why – when – who?
Coaching is the most effective approach for a variety of frequent business issues, for example: alignment of goals between individuals, teams and organisation; career transition; overcoming poor or ineffective relationships with colleagues; effective action planning.

Do I have what it takes to be a great coach?
If this is a whole new area for you then you’ll be able to explore further whether this is a good career choice for you and to talk to a highly qualified coach as part of the process.

What will you learn?

You will have access to expert tutor input from an experienced Executive Coach.

You will also receive peer feedback as you test your “coaching wings” in small practice triads: coach – coachee – observer.

Coaching skills are not just for the workplace - they have positive effects on all aspects of your life. Enjoy improved communication with friends, family, colleagues as well as helping clients.

This programme is the gateway to our suite of highly accredited coach development programmes - your first step in becoming a professional coach.

So if you are completely new to coaching then this programme is for you.

  • bring clarity to the distinctions between: coaching – mentoring – counselling – training and learn when to use coaching as a powerful intervention
  • start at the very beginning: listening, open questioning and goal setting
  • discover alternatives to giving advice
  • learn how to use an effective four stage model that will enable you to begin coaching right away!
  • go behind coaching’s core competencies to understand why coaching is so powerful and effective: the type of questions that will yield the best response, ways of listening that get clients to say more, how to have a conversation that leads to greater resourcefulness, accountability and outcome
  • coaching skills are not just for the workplace.
  • enjoy improved communication with friends, family, colleagues as well as helping client

Programme Structure

Our aim is to provide you with a robust initial learning journey that enhances your skills, deepens your understanding and inspires you.

Who is it for?

Please contact Teckie Karoki at

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor's Degree in any field.


The Coaching Skills Certificate gives 12 hours of the 60 needed to apply for ICF accreditation at ACC level. When combined with the Practitioner Diploma this provides 72 Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours.

Course Faculty

Zia Manji

Zia Manji

Zia Manji graduated from Edinburgh University in 1995 in Business Management, winning the University’s John MacFarlane Award for Leadership.

He brings a wealth of business experience to the field having worked in one of Kenya’s largest manufacturing companies, rising through the ranks to become Managing Director. Zia completed his British Psychological Society recognized training in 2004 in the area of assessment and development centres. He holds a diploma in recruitment practice from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and is a member of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals. He has been responsible for the recruitment of a number of CEO and C-Level hires mainly in multinational organizations.

Zia recently completed an Executive Master Degree at INSEAD Business School in Consulting and Coaching for Change, a specialized degree in clinical organizational psychology that provides him with a psychoanalytical perspective in his coaching and leadership development.

Madeleine Dunford

Madeleine Dunford

Madeleine Dunford has been working across all industry sectors coaching energetic, focused and ambitious senior corporate leaders who are striving to better themselves, and as a consequence, their organizations. She graduated from the Academy of Executive Coaching in 2010, and her background in occupational psychology assessments has given her a strong grounding in understanding how positive and negative behaviours manifest themselves in the workplace and can derail leaders if not worked on.

She is accredited in various assessment and coaches senior executives as part of global and pan-African leadership development programmers for some of the biggest employer brands in the world, and typically forms strong and lasting bonds with her clients.

Her coaching ethos borrows a lot from her high impact, inquisitive and creative dimensions, and given her entrepreneurial and competitive background she prefers to use her coaching sessions to brainstorm with executives on their goals, challenges, possible action plans and what they might need to build or reflect on. She has a BA (Hons) from York University and MSc (with Distinction) from Edinburgh University, UK, and brings a wealth of knowledge of cross cultural leadership and coaching to the table.